Safe custody

We can store your Will and other important documents in our in-house secure document storage facility.

You are welcome to store your completed Will and other important, original documents (such as certificates of title) in our safe custody facility. There is no charge for storing these documents.

Superseded Wills

If you would like to update your Will, we are happy to assist. If you make a new Will with us, we will update our safe custody records automatically.

If you make a new Will without instructing us, please send us a letter signed by you:

  • notifying us you’ve made a new Will;
  • giving us your current mailing address and telephone number; and
  • giving us a copy of your photo ID.

We will update our records and return your Will to you by mail for destruction.

Retrieval of documents

Our requirements are set out below; however, we reserve the right to make such further enquiries as we see fit before we release any documents.  Photo ID means a current driver’s licence or current Australian passport.

Please telephone us at least 24 hours in advance to enable us to have the documents ready for collection.

During your lifetime

Retrieval by you in person
  • You can retrieve your documents from our office between 9am and 4pm on business days.
  • You must show us your original photo ID before we can release documents to you.
Retrieval in person by a person acting on your behalf (your agent)

Your agent (even if it is your spouse) must:

  • give us an original authority signed by you authorising us to release the documents to them. The authority must identify each document to be released and include your contact telephone number;
  • show us their original photo ID; and
  • satisfy us that you are of sound mind.
Retrieval in person by your Enduring Power of Attorney or Administrator

We will only release a photocopy of documents (not the originals) to your agent appointed under:

  • an Enduring Power of Attorney; or
  • an administration order made under the Guardianship and Administration Act 1990 (WA);

provided each person who is your Attorney or Administrator:

  • satisfies us they are lawfully appointed and entitled to the documents;
  • shows us the original Power of Attorney or Administration Order; and
  • show us their original photo ID.
Retrieval by mail

You must give us a signed request for the return of your documents including:

  • each document to be released;
  • your return address;
  • your telephone number;
  • a copy of your photo ID; and
  • payment of our administration charge of $30.

We will send you your documents by registered mail.

We do not permit retrieval by mail by any person acting on your behalf.

After your death

After death we will only release documents to the duly appointed Executor or Administrator in accordance with the requirements below.

If the deceased’s Will has been superseded, we require a copy of the new Will and the address of the executor named therein. We will then arrange for the Will we hold to be returned to the executor of the new Will for it to be destroyed.

Retrieval in person

Each person who is an Executor or Administrator must show us:

  • their original photo ID;
  • the original death certificate or other evidence of the death;
  • written authority to us from any Executor or Administrator who does not attend our office, authorising us to release the documents. The authority must identify each document to be released; and
  • where we do not hold the original Will, evidence of their appointment as Executor or Administrator.


Retrieval by mail

We require a request signed by all Executors or Administrators for the return of the documents including:

  • their full names;
  • their nominated return address and telephone number;
  • a certified copy of their photo ID;
  • a certified copy of the death certificate or other evidence of the death; and
  • where we do not hold your original Will, evidence of their appointment as Executor or Administrator.


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